Tribal Sub Plan

The various activities performed in the project under different components viz. Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Science, Sericulture and Custom Hiring Center. Under Animal Science component 2200 nos. of Vanaraja birds were distributed covering 100 nos. of beneficiaries. Similarly 570 nos. of piglets and 570 nos. of goats were also distributed to 100 nos. of beneficiaries under each component. 100 nos. of pigsty and 100 nos. of goat sheds were also constructed in each of the beneficiaries houses. Under Agriculture component, tribal farmers were supported with seeds and fertilizers for paddy (Ranjit), Toria (TS-36, TS-38) and blackgram cultivation. Under Horticulture component, beneficiaries were supported with seed and fertilizer for cultivation of 70 bighas of potato, 20 bighas of pea, 15 bighas Pumpkin, 20 bighas Frenchbean and 17 bighas Garlic. The beneficiaries under Sericulture component were supported with Eri and Muga seeds, Eri spinning machines 120 nos. and insecticide sprayer 80 nos.

Custom Hiring Center
Under TSP project 2013-14 a Custom Hiring Center has been established at Holokhoni village. The center is well equipped with the followng farm machinaries:

One Tractor

One Power tiller

One Paddy ripper

One Thresher

One Power sprayer

One Seed cum Fertilizer drill

Jalakiasuti village has been adopted for economic development in the field of crop production, Horticulture, Animal Science, Vermi Compost production, Custom Hiring Center for Farm mechanization, Natural resource management.