Success Stories

1. Mr Deep Jyoti Tamuli: Success through dairy farming

Alongside agriculture livestock rearing is one of the major means of livelihood among the farming community of Dhemaji district. Pig rearing is main livestock practiced by the farmers as around 50 percent of the population of the district are tribal people. Commercial dairy farming is in very primitive stage due to various reasons like non- availability of quality breeds of cow, fodders and feed items, less interest of the tribal people towards dairy farming as well as milk consumption though traditionally keeps desi cow. Due to numbers of campaign by KVK Dhemaji very few farmers especially youths are coming forward in commercial dairy farming in the district in nearby town areas of Silapathar, Dhemaji and Gogamukh. Mr Deep Jyoti Tamuli at his age of 27 years of Aradhal under Dhemaji block is one of such dairy farmers who set an example for others through his continuous and tireless effort in commercial dairy venture. To support the study of his brother and sisters he stopped his education almost 7 years back and he started dairy farming. Four years back from now, the KVK, Dhemaji was came in contact with Mr. Tamuli when he got only a local and crossbred cows in his farm, producing nearly 4-5 litre of milk daily. Observing his interest, KVK suggested him for cultivation of good quality fodders and supported with supplying some planting materials of Napier grass and seeds of Oats during so that he can arrange available green fodder as well to increase his production. He took the opportunity with both the hands and improved the condition of the farm year after year. He managed to have a power tiller from his savings and also engaged in paddy cultivation in his small holding of land and able to earn handsome amount by ploughing in the paddy field others farmers in hire basis. He was also sent for a month long training programme on repairing of power tillers and other agriculture tools at SIRD training centre at Kahikuchi, Guwahati by KVK Dhemaji. After the training he is now working as part time mechanic to repair the power tiller in nearby locality. Today, he is having six (6) nos. of cows in his farm and presently four (4) of them are in lactation and producing around 35 litres of milk per day. During this rabi season (2015-16), Oats seeds for 2 bighas land was supplied by the KVK and successfully cultivated. “Now I am getting average 750ml more milk per cow per day after feeding oat grass” the delighted Mr. Tamuli expressed his satisfaction in this way. According to him, he is earning Rs.13, 500.00 (Rupees thirteen thousand five hundred) only as additional amount monthly during last three months, only because availability of oat grasses. At present his monthly earning has gone up to Rs. 40000.00. Mr. Tamuli is delightedly engaged his daily routine started at 4.30 am doing all his works himself even distributing 25-30 litres of milk daily in door to door basis riding his motor cycle. Mr Deep Jyoti Tamuli really set an example of self employed rural youth through farming instead of waiting for government jobs. He might be a model farmer for attracting and retaining rural youth in farming sector in the district. This is proud for KVK Dhemaji that he always acknowledges the services receive from KVK and guidance for showing the path of success.


2. Custom Hiring Centre (CHC) – income generating venture for tribal farmers

Lack of farm mechanization is another important factor low economic gain from farming as well as to well-timed completion of farm activity. To address this issue KVK, Dhemaji has established a Custom Hiring Centre (CHC) as a institutional arrangement component under TSP project entitled “ Promotion of Agriculture Centric Sustainable Livelihood Security for Tribal Farmers of Assam” in 1 No. Holokhani village. This CHC is effectively running by 11 member village level TSP project Monitoring Committee. At present, the center is strengthened with supply one of each Tractor, Rotavator, Paddy Reaper, Power tiller, Power sprayer, Seed cum Fertilizer drill, Power weeder, Paddy thresher and Maize seed sheller. To keep these implements a concrete shed is also constructed under the project. The required training and demonstration were provided to the member of the committee and village youth. Ten (10) numbers of village youth were trained up under a training programme on farm machinery organized by SIRD at Guwahati and FMTTI, Biswanath Chariali after which they may now able to perform minor service and small repairing of the implements. As a result of this CHC, now it’s become an income generating venture for 10 tribal youth directly, farmer of the village opted for double cropping; some youth become real farmer, farm operation become easier and able to complete time bound farm operation. The activity of the CHC has started in Rabi, 2014 with power tiller and Tractor. At the end of the financial year, 2015-16 the gross income of the centre is Rs.2, 40,000.00 (Rupees two lakh forty thousand) only with a net income Rs.79, 000.00 (Rupees seventy nine thousand) after payment to driver, workers and recurring expenditure besides purchasing a disc harrow worth Rs. 38,000.00 (Rupees thirty eight thousand) only.


3. Sri Budheswar Pamey an innovative and progressive farmer

Sri Budheswar Pamey, 45 years old an early adopter, innovative and progressive farmer, resident of Shantipur village of Dimow Dhemaji closely associated with KVK Dhemaji. Since inception of KVK Dhemaji he has under gone numbers of training programme on different aspects. He is gladly able to manage his five member family from 1ha cultivable land, fishery of 0.26ha area, rearing poultry and duck in backyard system, goat, rearing eri and maintaining betelvine plantation of 0.08 ha area. KVK scientist frequently visited his house and giving advice to manage his available resources. Sri Pamey is a innovative farmer and able to design numbers of farm small tools to make some farm operation easy cultivating his ideas. Tool for line transplanting of paddy, rat trapping cage, tool for mud plastering of bundh, soil digging tool, medicine to reduce residual effect of pesticide, hand fork for paddy weeding, integrated cultivation practices of Betelvine and Keseru gos, bird scaring tool, tool for taking out the pupae from eri cocoon, threshing tool etc. are some tools designed and modified by Sri Budheswar Pamey. In his cultivable land, he cultivated HYV rice in 0.7ha land, Hybrid rice in 0.2ha land, traditional rice variety in 0.1ha land from where he able to harvest 65-70 qt. paddy with a market value of Rs.78,000.00 ( rupees seventy eight thousand only). During 2015-16, he conducted two numbers of on farm Trial on newly developed rice variety under KVK Dhemaji. After rice cultivation in 0.26ha land he cultivated different types of vegetables. He able to earn Rs.20, 000.00 net from fishery, Rs.12, 000.00 from betelvine and likewise Rs.15, 000.00 from duct and poultry annually. Sri Budheswar Pamey able to set an example among the small farmers and success in farming with efficient mobilization of available resources.


4. Mr. Nirmal Borah – a success in Papaya popularization as fruit

Mr. Nirmal Borah son of Mr. Mileshwar Borah resides in Borpathar area of Silapathar under the Sissiborgaon development block of Dhemaji district. Mr. Nirmal Borah, a 48 year old farmer primarily engaged in farming with a total land holding of 2.40 ha land, out of which he has a farm land of 2.14 ha. The farm land is used for Paddy cultivation in 1.03 ha of land and the rest 1.11 ha of land is used for cultivation of seasonal vegetables and other fruit crops including Banana, Assam lemon and other fruit crops. Mr. Borah came into contact with Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Dhemaji through a local NGO, hearing about KVK; he approached the office during March 2014 and delivered his interest on cultivating fruit crops and other vegetables. He also requested the KVK scientist to visit his farm for supervision and advice. A visit was done to his farm during April 2014 and was also sent for two exposure visits to B. N. college of Agriculture, Sonitpur and Horticulture Research Station, Kahikuchi, Guwahati during April 2014. Looking at the interest of the farmer on newer technologies that he show at the BNCA and HRS, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Dhemaji decided to conduct a demonstration on Papaya cultivation var. Red Lady at an area of 0.043 ha with 50 plants to introduce the crop as a fruit in the front yard bari of Mr Borah which happens to be in the close vicinity of the village approaching road. He also attended many training on fruit crop cultivation and their management. The crop was planted during May 2014 and the crop started flowering during October 2014 and the 1st harvest was done by January 2015. The average sizes of the fruits were about 2.0 – 2.5 kg which he started selling at Rs 25.00/kg as fruit. The fruits soon capture the local fruit market and the demand for the fruit increased with time because of the sweetness, texture and colour of the fruit. From his total plot of 0.043 ha Mr. Borah was able to harvest about 2300.00 kg of fruits which he sold at Rs. 25.00 / kg amounting to Rs. 57000.00. Witnessing the success and the economic benefit from the crop farmers of the nearby areas took showed interest in cultivating the crop. Farmers have placed request for seedlings of fruit papayas to cultivate in their locality and now is horizontally spread to about 1.00 ha of area throughout the district. Mr Borah himself is planning to plant Papaya in 0.26 ha of land area to expand the farm. Mr. Borah become a successful papaya fruit grower and expressed his gratefulness to KVK Dhemaji for introducing the new variety to the farming community which is a highly remunerative venture and also fetch a very high profit.


5. Empowerment of Tribal Women through Farming

Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Dhemaji since its inception is working towards the upliftment of Tribals in the district as the total tribal population residing in the district is about 47.29% of which majority depends of Agriculture. In a venture to develop and encourage women in farming, a group of women farmers of Joriguri village under the Sissiborgaon block were selected under the Sissiborgaon block. The group was a registered Self Help Group (SHG) under ASRLM (Assam State Rural Livelihood Mission) with 12 members. One member of the group was a beneficiary under the Animal component of the Tribal sub plan project implemented by Regional Agriculture Research Station (RARS), North Lakhimpur and thus they came into contact with KVK, Dhemaji. Few members of the group approached Krishi Vigyan Kendra ,Dhemaji during December 2014, for demonstration and training on Rabi vegetables in an area of 0.50 ha which they have taken on lease and have grown Potato . They wanted to get the advice for the cropping system after Potato and before the cultivation of Paddy. Scientist from KVK, Dhemaji went for a field visit to their farm during last week of December 2015 and saw the potato field, which was heavily infested by TLCV and Late blight. The women farmers were worried about the economic outcome from the crop due to the disease attack. KVK, scientist advised the remedial measure and the disease was controlled to some extent. They asked for advice for the following crop after potato and looking at the farming situation of the land, KVK decided to conduct a demonstration on Scientific production technology of Colocasia var. Ahina Kochu . Colocasia is traditionally cultivated in the Village but the economic income incurred from the cultivation of the crop is quite low mainly due to the improper management and cultivation practices. The group was trained on improved cultivation practices of Colocasia where they were showed the economic and nutritional benefit along with the preventive measure of Corm treatment with fungicide. The group took up the new technology of Colocasia cultivation and started planting during the first week of February 2015. They were vigilant in taking up the technology and informed KVK in each and every step and problem they faced while cultivating the crop. The crop harvesting started by the first week of August 2015 and got a yield of 8.00 q from their plot of 0.50 ha from which they sold about 2.5 q at Rs. 1000.00/ q. The rest of their produce they kept as seed for this year which they cultivated in 1.00 ha of land and rest they supplied to KVK, Dhemaji for conducting demonstration on Colocasia under TSP project entitled “Promotion of Agriculture Centric Sustainable Livelihood Security for Tribal Farmers of Assam” at Rs.20.00/kg. The group of Women is now a regular visitor of KVK, Dhemaji and is thankful for increasing their economic upliftment.